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[[A]] VergilPrime [A] posted Aug 15, 18  -  1.13donorsupdate

Alright some major changes have come to the server since last year and some changes are still coming.

1. We will no longer have any donation ranks. If you want to help the server you can still do so towards the cost of this website using the module just below this blog.

2. Angel's Reach is now hosted on Microsoft Azure. This should be the most reliable lag-free iteration of our server yet.

3. With no donation ranks, there is a need for more progression and other ways to earn abilities that were once gated behind a paywall.

Of course you may have noticed that we are deep into the early Minecraft 1.13 era, and that means fish, phantoms and fun. Angel's Reach will shortly be completely updated to 1.13 and as such, we are going to once again wipe the world to allow new generation to create our world. HOWEVER! I can port most things forward from the old world to the new one fairly easily this time around, as the generation doesn't change the structure of the above-ground world. If you have stuff from our old (1.12) world you want ported forward, there will soon be a forum area for requests.

Most of our code is in a development preview state for 1.13 and there will definitely be bugs, but I think I speak for all of us when I say it's better to be playing with bugs than not playing at all, so we're going to dive in head first. I intend to have the opened for public consumption FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th 24th if all goes well.

Happy trails!

EDIT: I'm pushing it back a week, I definitely called that one way too early.